Create org charts from your existing data in minutes


By feeding data from your HR or payroll system into orginio, you’ll be able to see an accurate picture of your workforce. By visualising your workforce, effortlessly improve data integrity & streamline HR reporting

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Once you have connected your BambooHR profile, orginio will create automated org charts from your existing data. Besides displaying employee structures, orginio can also be used to simulate restructures or to display critical KPI metrics.


The Chris21 and ichris integration connects your HR system to automatically feed into org charts. Use the automated report export to feed data into orginio or let us help you to extract the data in a reusable format.

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Create a seamless connection that pushes HR data from your Oracle database into orginio to create up-to-date charts. Simply upload a CSV file and your org chart will be automatically created for you.

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Orginio enables automated org charting based on data from ADP®. The seamless integration allows information to be pulled directly from ADP Workforce Now and loaded into an org chart. This ensures that your org charts and reports are always up to date.

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Integrate SAP to automatically create org charts and HR dashboards from your enterprise HR system. Orginio enables the creation of what-if scenarios and workforce modelling without the need to modify the data in SAP.

Integrating with Aurion enables information to flow directly to org charts. Import your CSV file to orginio or engage us to do the heavy lifting for you. Say hello to automated org charts and meaningful HR dashboards!

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HR data from Technology One can be fed into different org chart views, allowing you to draw helpful insights from automatic HR reports and dashboards. Upload your CSV file and see your org charts come to life in just a few minutes.

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Easily feed your Ascender data into orginio in just one step. Upload your CSV file and create up-to-date org charts, no more manual workarounds! With orginio, you can do lots more – create customised dashboards & HR reports in just a few clicks.

orginio can seamlessly connect to 2 UKG solutions. After creating your orginio account, click on “import data” and depending on the UKG version you’re using, navigate to either the UKG pro tab or UKG ready and your org charts will be ready to go in just a click!

Easily synchronise your data from Deltek products like Vision, Costpoint, Talent Management and Professional Service with orginio and your org chart will automatically be created with your existing data.

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Orginio enables direct access to data stored in Google Drive. Once you have uploaded your data into orginio, it’ll automatically create org charts and also allow you to create workforce simulations and visualise key metrics.

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I am very pleased with the training and it certainly exceeded my expectations with the amount of training I received. It was a great customer experience and I would certainly recommend Navigo as a provider.

Anthony Green, Team Leader, HR & Capability, Ministry of Māori Development


Create a single source of truth

Integrations - quick import

Quick data import

Import your CSV file to build a single, complete picture of your organisation within minutes


Get an accurate view

By connecting your systems, you can create meaningful org charts & dashboards in just a few clicks

Safe & secure data

Create better governance around data management via secure permission- based access

Can’t see your HR or payroll system?

No worries! We can create a customised integration for almost any data source.