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Use case - chart your org

Chart your organisation

To operate effectively, it’s important to get a solid understanding of your current state. Upload data into orginio to create instant org charts, optimising the way you use HR data.


Change chart layout, look and feel


Export / print your chart as a PDF


Share your live chart across your entire organisation

Use case - Restructure

Restructures & Mergers

Businesses need to constantly reassess their workforce to remain competitive. In growth or downsizing, being able to quickly and securely design future workforce proposals is critical.


Create a copy your org chart


Model your redesign based on KPIs


Easily create, remove or merge departments with drag-and-drop

Use case - Reporting KPIs

Workforce reporting

Track how your workforce operates & how it’s changing over time. By accessing a complete picture of your org in a strategic view, manual HR reporting becomes a thing of the past.


Track headcount, level, no. of positions or span of control


Ensure leaders report from the same pool of data

Conditional formatting

Optimise your workforce

By using an agile tool to assess & model your workforce, you can ensure that resources are being allocated as effectively as possible. This helps businesses to better prepare for change.


Quickly highlight any issues or gaps in your workforce


When modelling, see how each change impacts your key KPIs

Use case - consulting

Org design consulting

Feed client data into org charts to run a quick workforce assessment. Use powerful visuals to communicate your plan to stakeholders, making your strategy easy to understand.


Test out multiple org design proposals with the workforce modelling functionality

Use case

Data cleansing

Clean HR data is critical for seamless payroll, drawing workforce insights & effective org design. By visualising your data, you can quickly identify broken or incorrect data.


By fixing all flagged issues you can restore trust in your source of truth


Introduce a mandatory data cleansing process moving forward

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We have always up-to-date org charts – even in times of rapid business growth. Orginio’s innovative user interface enables us to add employees and additional information, for example special functions, in an uncomplicated way. In addition, it is possible to move already existing employees, positions and organizational units via drag & drop.

Anke Hirschfeldt, Human Resources, Mercateo


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