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Org charts by orginio are versatile HR tools that everyone in the organisation can benefit from it. Here are some of the top orginio benefits for managers, executives and employees. 


The whole team at a glance, thanks to orginio. The overview orginio provides to executives is clear and rich in content – and it’s available anytime and anywhere.
Need to draw some information about a team member or contact them? Or, would you like to have a closer look into resources? It’s all possible in your orginio org chart.

Access protection allows you to limit the availability of confidential data to certain people.


HR managers

With orginio, the creation of org charts is easy to handle. If the necessary data is already saved in an Excel file, all you have to do is upload it to orginio! Of course, you can start from scratch and develop your hierarchy structure step-by-step. Additional information about an employee (e.g. skills) can be added at any time.

Dotted lines show relationships between employees, e.g. mentor- or deputyships, or successors.

Org chart branding is also possible with orginio: Give your org chart the right look by adjusting it to your corporate design or selecting one of the designs already available with the application.

Changes to a company’s structure can happen anytime. Reorganise your org chart within seconds via drag & drop.

The visualisation of important KPIs turns org charts into a powerful strategic tool for executives and HR managers. Be it head count, span of control or other key figures – it takes just the push of a button to display them within the org chart.

Each employee of the organisation

Orginio provides everybody with a clear, reliable overview of the company hierarchy, including contact information. The integrated search functionality helps when looking for further data.

An org chart is also beneficial for new employees to learn who’s who in the zoo. Employee photos are another great addition to get to know everyone in the organisation. The org charts are also printable and exportable.


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